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Privacy Policy

The term ‘Privacy’ is used in a multitude of domestic legislations primarily in the context of the foundation of the fiduciary relationship between a doctor and a patient. This fiduciary relationship emanates from a reasonable expectation of mutual trust between the doctor and his patients and is established through the Indian Medical Council Act of 1952, specifically section 20(A) of the Act which lays down the code of ethics which a doctor must adhere to at all times. Privacy within the healthcare sector includes a number of aspects including but not limited to informational privacy (e.g., confidentiality, anonymity, secrecy and data security); physical privacy (e.g., modesty and bodily integrity); associational privacy (e.g. intimate sharing of death, illness and recovery); proprietary privacy (e.g., self-ownership and control over personal identifiers, genetic data, and body tissues); and decisional privacy (e.g., autonomy and choice in medical decision-making).

At , Dr Ahuja’s ID Clinic we are committed to protecting the privacy of our patients and the confidentiality and security of all personal health information to which we are entrusted with by our patients. Your personal health information will only be used in compliance with Dr Ahuja’s ID Clinic Privacy Policy.

#Disclosure of personal health information is permitted and does not amount to a violation of privacy in the following situations: 1) during referral, 2) when demanded by the court or by the police on a written requisition, 3) when demanded by insurance companies as provided by the Insurance Act when the patient has relinquished his rights on taking the insurance, and 4) when required for specific provisions of workmen’s compensation cases, consumer protection cases, or for income tax authorities, 5) disease registration, 6) communicable disease investigations, 7) vaccination studies, or 8) drug adverse event reporting.



The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued a notification for bringing the Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Prevention and Control) Act, 2017 in force from 10th September, 2018. The Act, safeguards the rights of people living with HIV and affected by HIV

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